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Welcome to the Fish Health Database

This Fish Health Database is designed to be a reliable source of general information about the major fish diseases that affect cultured fish species, and are of regulatory concern in the both commercial aquaculture industry, and in terms of protecting natural fish populations. This database is not intended to be a comprehensive treatment of aquatic animal health, or to fully describe the wealth and depth of information that is available for fish culture, fish disease and general aquatic animal health management. The database should not be a sole source of information, but can provide reliable information on the limited set of topics, in an easily accessible format. Additional information should be obtained from primary references in aquatic animal health, including American Fisheries Society – Fish Health Section “Bluebook”, and the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) International Aquatic Animal Health Code and Diagnostic Manual for Aquatic Animal Diseases. Your regional Fish Health Center is always an excellent contact for fish health information, and should always be consulted prior to prior to initiating any treatment for fish disease.

Initially, the information presented in this database will focus on salmonid fish diseases, as the bulk of existing information in aquatic animal health comes from the decades of applied research in salmonid aquaculture. Our partners and hatchery managers, in a survey conducted in 2003, identified the need for technical information on major fish diseases, and the proper treatment techniques for these diseases. The information presented here is compiled from a variety of sources, including the USFWS Handbook of Aquatic Animal Health, AFS/FWS Standard Procedures for Aquatic Animal Health Inspections, AFS Bluebook, OIE Diagnostic Manual, as well as the key references and literature for specific fish pathogens and aquatic animal health issues.

The database will evolve to include a broad group of cultured fish species, as well as non-infectious conditions, nutritional diseases, and other less defined maladies of cultured and natural fish populations. The long term goal of the FWS-AAH program is to expand our knowledge and expertise in all areas of aquatic animal health, including shellfish and amphibians. Future plans are to expand this database to include these numerous aquatic animal health topics, or other topics of interest to our partners. If you would like to see a specific topic, link, or reference included in this database, please suggest it through the Suggest a Link/Contact Information page. Every effort will be made to keep this database up to date, and expand the database as new information is suggested or published.

Fish Health Database
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This website and the Fish Health Database is intended as a quick reference for accurate information on aquatic animal diseases for hatchery managers, state and tribal partners, and the general public. The information was compiled from various sources, including the USFWS “Region 1 White Papers” authored by R1/California-Nevada Operations (CNO) Fish Health Centers, the USFWS Handbook of Aquatic Health Procedures and Protocols (2004), the AFS/FWS Standard Procedures for Aquatic Animal Health Inspections(2004), and the AFS Bluebook, 5th Edition (2003).

Please note that only the first 3 authors of a publication will appear in a search on AUTHOR in this database. Some references may be abbreviated to fit the database format. Readers should reference the full volumes of these documents and manuals for the most recent and complete information (many of the procedure manuals are linked in the Standard Procedures section). If any publications are referenced, the original source material must be referenced with the full citation, and acknowledgment(s) to the author(s) represented.