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Welcome to Fish Health Literature

The purpose of this page is to provide a portal of access for our partners to the wealth of information on the web regarding fish health. This site is not intended to be an authoritative or comprehensive listing of all sources of aquatic animal health literature. Rather it is hopeful that this may be a first stop for your inquiries about fish health and a link to the numerous and excellent electronic libraries and websites hosting scientific literature.

If you have a favorite electronic library or website for literature, please Suggest a Link or contact us for information about posting your literature on this site.

Electronic Libraries

Florida University - Cooperative Extension - Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS)
Fish Health Information

NOAA Fisheries (NMFS) Northeast Fisheries Science Center - Woods Hole Laboratory LIBRARY FISHBASE
Excellent Database for Species, Life History, & Images

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
NIH GENEBANK & Literature Database

Journal of Virology
Literature Database for Virology Research

Compilations/Bibliographies/Review References

Whirling Disease Initiative
Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Articles and Project Reports

USGS - Leetown Science Center
Fish Disease Leaflets & Fish Health Research

IHN Virus Bibliography
Comprehensive Literature for IHN Virus Research

Amphibian Disease - Chytid Fungus
Extensive Bibliography of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Iodophore References

American Fisheries Society - Journals Online
J. Aq. An. Health; Transaction; Aquaculture, The Progressive Fish Culturist, Journal of Fisheries Management
Note: An online subscription is necessary to be able to view the full text or pdf versions of articles on the AFS website. Abstracts are however open to the public.

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