Conservation Partnerships Program

Working together to restore habitat for fish and wildlife

Funding & Technical Assistance

vernal pool landscape, Kate Symonds, FWS

The Conservation Partnerships Program is a group of voluntary habitat restoration tools.
They include:

These programs seek to implement conservation efforts for the benefit of native habitats by working cooperatively with landowners, community groups, conservation organizations and other governmental agencies.

We are a partner, not just a funding agency. Our staff work closely with our partners to identify, develop and implement projects.

Brown pelicans at Pt. Reyes, Carley Sweet, FWS

Photo by Carley Sweet, USFWS

Our funding sources are limited, so we develop cost-efficient projects. We maximize our partners’ skills and resources. Learn more about our Partners Program

On selected projects, we work with interested landowners and local partners to provide technical and financial assistance on restoration plans and wildlife-friendly management practices.

In addition to forming partnerships with private landowners, we work with private organizations, and local, state, or other Federal government programs. Some of our partners

Service Area

Service Area

Our service area is within the Central Valley, SF Bay area and Sierra Nevada region.

Within California, the Arcata, Yreka and Ventura Fish and Wildlife Offices also have Partners Programs:

Getting Started

The first step in becoming a partner is to contact us with ideas and questions.

Program Manager

Daniel Welsh
13501 Franklin Blvd., Galt, CA 95632
Phone: (916) 414-6704

Coastal Program at San Francisco Bay

John Klochak
625 Miramontes Street, Suite 103
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone: (650) 763-6595
FAX: (650) 726-0494

Partners for Fish & Wildlife

San Francisco Bay Area
Primarily North and East Bay Counties
Kate Symonds
777 Sonoma Ave, Rm 325, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 480-2675
FAX: (707) 578-3435

Central Valley Foothills
Mike Dunphy
13501 Franklin Blvd. , Galt, CA 95632
Phone: 916-691-4264
FAX: 916-683-1702

Safe Harbor Agreements

Rick Kuyper
2800 Cottage Way Room-W2605, Sacramento, CA 95608
Phone: 916-414-6600
FAX: 916-414-6712

Schoolyard Habitat Program

Karleen Vollherbst
13501 Franklin Blvd, Galt, California 95632
Phone: (916) 478-9247
FAX: (916) 683-1702