San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Southwest Region

Management Activities

Wildlife Montage of California Clapper Rail, American Wigeon, Great Egret, and Song Sparrow





Photo by Greg Block

Diminishing habitat and introduced non-native plants and animals are threatening the survival of marsh-dependent species, including the endangered California clapper rail, salt marsh harvest mouse, and many rare and endemic salt marsh plants. The refuge is engaged in tidal restoration projects critical to the long-term future of these species.

Refuge objectives include protecting threatened and endangered species, providing wintering habitat for diving ducks, conserving migratory birds and other wildlife, and providing compatible wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities.

Local support for habitat conservation and research contributes to our ability to reach our objectives and restore and enhance northern San Pablo Bay lands for the benefit of wildlife and people.

For more information, contact:
San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge
7715 Lakeville Hwy
Petaluma, CA   94954
Phone Number: 707-769-4200

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Last updated: January 29, 2012