National Wildlife Refuge System

Archives: Summary of People Recommendations

Recommendation P1: Assess the status of public safety and resource protection provided by refuge law enforcement officers, and make recommendations for the future direction of law enforcement in the System. This assessment will determine appropriate staffing, position classification, training, recruitment, retention, retirement, and career pathways for refuge officers.

Recommendation P2: Update the National Public Use Requirements. Each region will conduct evaluations of refuge public use programs to aid refuges in meeting new standards, identify deficiencies in the delivery of visitor services, and document needs and set priorities in operational, maintenance, and construction project databases.

Recommendation P3: Provide each refuge with access to responsive, professional, public use management staff. The level of assistance needed at each refuge is identified in Comprehensive Conservation Plans, operational evaluations, and inter-regional reviews. Refuges, regional offices, and the Division in Washington will have public use staffs with the skills and abilities needed to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the public and fulfill the System mission.

Recommendation P4: Develop and implement policy that gives clear guidance to refuge managers for determining appropriate and compatible public uses of the System, and provide clear, consistent guidance and support for the timely phase-out of those public uses not in line with such policy.

Recommendation P5: Establish criteria for a national Visitor Improvement Priority System to rank operational, maintenance, and construction projects for public recreational use programs and facilities. Continue to dedicate a portion of project fund increases toward providing priority visitor services.

Recommendation P6: Complete fee and concession management policies and accounting procedures, and work for clearer authorities regarding fees and concession management, in order to increase funding returned to the collecting refuge.

Recommendation P7: Forge new and non-traditional alliances to broaden support for the System by establishing citizen and community partnerships on all staffed refuges.

Recommendation P8: Strengthen partnerships with states, Tribes, nonprofit organizations, and academia. Develop new policies and authorities for establishing formal relationships with the business community.

Recommendation P9: Update and strengthen the System's 100 on 100 outreach campaign. The revision should incorporate provisions of new legislation, complement the Service's National Outreach Strategy, seek support from nontraditional constituents, and take advantage of the outreach potential of the System's centennial in 2003.

Recommendation P10: Build a broader base of public support for wildlife conservation by reaching out and involving a larger cross section of the American public in our public use programs and community partnership efforts.

Last updated: October 20, 2008