National Wildlife Refuge System

Archives: Summary of Leadership Recommendations

Recommendation L1: Make leadership development the priority of the System and the Service.

Recommendation L2: Establish a systematic recruitment, training, and mentoring program to hire the best and brightest, while creating a diverse workforce.

Recommendation L3: Enhance retention and formalize recommended career pathways to develop leaders at all levels of the System.

Recommendation L4: Promote opportunities and an environment for career-long education and personal development for all employees.

Recommendation L5: Ensure that the System produces a cadre of leaders qualified and willing to successfully compete for senior leadership positions in the Service.

Recommendation L6: Reflect the importance of appropriate field experience when developing ranking factors and crediting plans for senior resource program manager positions.

Recommendation L7: Amend the "National Wildlife Refuge System Administrative Provisions" in the Code of Federal Regulations to make the Blue Goose a permanent design element on refuge boundary signs and refuge primary entrance signs. Direct the Service committees for signing and graphic standards to incorporate the Blue Goose in current and future guidelines.

Recommendation L8: Articulate and distribute core values of the System.

Recommendation L9: Establish a Service policy to address housing needs on refuges for entry-level employees.

Recommendation L10: Develop and maintain consistent organizational structures across regions, providing a consistent set of basic regional office functions for refuge support.

Recommendation L11: Fully implement and integrate the provisions of the Refuge Improvement Act into operations and activities of the System.

Recommendation L12: Provide consistent refuge management guidance, including Refuge Improvement Act implementation policy, in a new Refuge Manual.

Last updated: October 20, 2008