National Wildlife Refuge System

New Trail Links City and Refuge

Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges, TX, built two new trails in an urban unit of the refuge.
Credit: Friends of Brazoria

A hiking trail now links Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, TX, with Liberty Municipal Park, within the city limits of Liberty.  Learn more…

Visitors can walk paved trails in the park to access the primitive trail, which still includes downed trees and cypress roots. The half-mile trail stops at a bayou where a small boardwalk will eventually be built. Thirty-five volunteers used handsaws, shears and an ax to hack through branches, cypress knees and weeds. 

“We are trying to make this a community effort,” says refuge manager Stuart Marcus. The refuge worked with the City of Liberty, volunteers from General Electric, the Friends of Trinity River Refuge and a private landowner who owns a cow pasture along the trail.

Trinity River Refuge was established in 1994 to protect a portion of the bottomland hardwood forest ecosystem along the Trinity River in southeastern Texas. The refuge includes numerous sloughs, oxbow lakes, artesian wells and tributaries. The refuge has about 15 miles of primitive trails in addition to the new one created during 2012 National Wildlife Refuge Week – be prepared to get your shoes muddy!

Last updated: February 13, 2013