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National Wildlife Refuge

50 Bend Road
Charlestown, RI   02813
Phone Number: 401-364 9124
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
School groups, conservation groups, birding clubs, and a variety of other groups frequently reserve time with the refuge staff and volunteers to take part in environmental education activities. Several guided tours are given each year.

Fishing is allowed under State regulations, and during the short cinder worm hatch in May, stripped bass fishermen line the shores with the hopes of landing these prized sportfish.

To celebrate the rich history of the refuge, a variety of kiosks, interpretive panels, and educational materials are available to the public to enrich their visit and assists them in learning about the refuge and the wildlife which abounds there.

Wildlife Observation
Spring and fall appear to be the favorites viewing times, although something will be seen at any time of year. over 3 miles of nature trails, interpretive panels, kiosks, and viewing platforms combine to provide a unique and rewarding experience for the refuge visitor.

The refuge is open from sunrise to sunset each day.

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