Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, TX

Hagerman National Wildlife Center Visitor Center is a 90 minute drive from Dallas.
Credit: USFWS

About an hour and a half north of Dallas – on the Big Mineral Arm of Lake Texoma - there are good bird watching opportunities in every season.

If you’re interested in waterfowl, wading birds, and other wetland wildlife, this is the place for you. There are 338 bird species on the refuge bird checklist

Late fall and winter bring ducks and geese by the thousands to rest and feed in refuge fields and waters, either as a migration stopover or for the whole winter.  Clear air and comfortable conditions are good for birds, and great for visitors who enjoy watching and photographing them.

In spring the waterfowl depart for their northern breeding grounds, to be replaced by almost as many shorebirds, wading birds and songbirds arriving from points south. Some leave soon after a brief rest and refueling stop, while others stay to breed and nest during the busy summer season.

Hagerman Refuge provides two accessible photo/viewing blinds.
Credit: USFWS

Watch bird parents bring constant meals of insects, fish and other prey to nests and nest boxes filled with hungry babies.

In August, the first migrating shorebirds start arriving on their journey from the north, and soon the earliest ducks are back in town, again making Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge their winter home.

Also look for birds and other wildlife on the nearly six miles of walking trails or in your vehicle along the four mile wildlife drive.

Hagerman Refuge also provides two accessible photo/viewing blinds.  One is located on Meyers Branch just north of the Visitor Center and the other is along the Harris Creek Trail.

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
6465 Refuge Road
Sherman, Texas 75092
Phone: (903) 786-2826