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K-9  Nate with marijuana seized on Cabeza Prieta Refuge, AZ
These historical documents from St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, FL, have been transcribed and stored in ServCat.
Credit: USFWS

The Natural Resource Program Center (NRPC) is collaborating with the National Park Service’s (NPS) Inventory and Monitoring Program to create a centralized place to compile and organize information from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This repository is called the Service Catalog or ServCat - a Web application available to Fish and Wildlife Service employees that compiles documents and organizes data, such as reports, surveys, databases, geospatial data and images.

Information about the Service or used by the Service can be stored within ServCat and centrally archived on a secure system. Additionally, this information may be easily discovered and retrieved using text and geospatial search tools within ServCat.

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      Help Videos
          Overview - This video provides a general overview of ServCat. (11:46)
          Navigation - This video describes how to navigate the ServCat interface.(6:52)
          Portal - The Portal Search is designed to quickly conduct a general search. (3:37)
          Quick Search - The Quick Search is geared to quickly conduct a general search, most often specific to an organization, like a refuge. (4:49)
          Advanced - The Advanced Search provides great flexibility and is intended to narrow the search results to just a few records. (6:08)
          By Reference Code - This type of search finds a record or records through their unique reference codes. (1:45)
          Taxonomy - The Taxonomy Search provides scientific classification information. (3:32)
          Organizations - The Organizations Search is used to find FWS organization information. (2:30)
          Create from XML Metadata - Create a new record in ServCat by uploading XML metadata. (4:09)
          Create by Cloning - Create a new record in ServCat by cloning an existing record. (3:21)
          OPOC Link Approval - Manage (approve or deny) Reference-Organization links for an organization. (1:58)
      Additonal Resources
        Last fall and winter, Sara (Sam) McLaughlin and Sarah Shultz - National Wildlife Refuge System Inventory and Monitoring program contractors in Fort Collins, CO - visited nine refuges, at least one per U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service region, to create permanent electronic records of those refuges' critical documents.
Last updated: February 12, 2013