National Wildlife Refuge System

I&M Resources for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Employees

  • USFWS Phenology Network serves as the main communication tool to refuges, partners and the public. It explains why phenology data is important to the Service and climate science, provides information about ongoing phenology programs on refuges, and provides direct links to tools, protocols, and the USA-NPN centralized data information system, Nature’s Notebook.  Phenology refers to recurring plant and animal life cycle stages, such as leafing and flowering, maturation of agricultural plants, emergence of insects and migration of birds.
  • Service Catalog, or ServCat, is an online application to centralize and preserve information.  Historically important and relevant documents, such as reports, management plans, geospatial data and survey protocols, are easily accessible and minimizes redundancy across the Service.   
  • Planning and Review of Inventory on Refuges (PRIMR) describes inventory and monitoring projects being conducted on refuge lands. Assists with development of Inventory and Monitoring Plans and will preserve history of inventory and monitoring conducted on refuge lands.


Last updated: February 10, 2015