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along the Kanuti River
A black leafy spurge beetle serves as a natural biological control for the invasive non-native plant leafy spurge.
Credit: USDA

October 2009 Media Tip Sheet

Priming Beetles for Battle. While the main growing season is now winding down across most of the country, a less visible but vital growing season is revving up in northwestern Minnesota. At Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, a new crop of natural enemies of pest plants is incubating for next season. Seedhead moths and knapweed root weevils, two host-specific insects that overwinter in the refuge’s grass litter, help control invasive plants throughout the region. . . Read More

The Case of the Missing Auklet. The hoary marmots have to go. So say biologists at Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge about the prairie dog cousins suspected of out-competing native seabirds for nesting habitat on tiny Sud Island in the Barren Islands. Pending an environmental assessment this winter, biologists hope to rid the island of the non-native pests, much as they have purged other islands of non-native foxes and rats that threatened native species . . . Read More

Hooked on Falcons. If you want toget Harold ("Bus") Engsberg’s attention, now’s a good time. Come March you might lose out to the species at the other end of his scope — the one to which he’s voluntarily devoted the last 16 of his 91 years . . . Read More

Enjoy Fall Happenings on Refuges. Visit a National Wildlife Refuge this fall to enjoy special events or just to watch nature command her own dazzling seasonal show. Here is a sampling of fall events . . . Read More

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