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May 2009 Media Tip Sheet Index

1. After the Deluge. In the northern Great Plains, waters are receding from one of the worst flood seasons on record, and residents’ health and safety are no longer at risk. But for the National Wildlife Refuge System, the hard work is just beginning....Read More

2. Bugged in Alaska. What’s the difference between you and an entomologist?  For you, a “lousy” day is something to grouse about. For Matt Bowser, it’s a source of wonder...Read More

3. Counting on Moonlight. Why are all those folks on the roadside looking for moonlight? If they’re out between now and July 15, there’s a good chance they’re counting nightjars,..Read More

4. Nesting Alert. Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon/California was astir this spring about its first nesting pair of bald eagles in about 150 years...Read More

5. You think Plant Control is Costly. Invasive species pose a growing threat to biodiversity around the planet, not to mention food crops, commerce and human health. Increasingly, scientists are trying to put a price tag on the problem....Read More

6. Not ready for his swan song. Improbable survival tales aren’t unique to humans. A venerable trumpeter swan nicknamed Solo has become a legend at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge in Washington. ...Read More

7. Go wild this summer. Feel the urge to do something wild this summer? And you need to do it on a shoestring budget? Consider these out-of-the-ordinary events on National Wildlife Refuges. ...Read More

For higher resolution photos shown in the stories, contact Vanessa Kauffman 703-358-2138 or Martha Nudel 703-358-1858


Last updated: November 23, 2009