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Workers pave the first section of a new bicycle/pedestrian trail from Jackson, WY, along National Elk Refuge. The trail opens in April 2011.
Workers pave the first section of a new bicycle/pedestrian trail from Jackson, WY, along National Elk Refuge. The trail opens in April 2011.
Credit: Brian Schilling, Teton County

Wild Angles: News From the National Wildlife Refuge System

News for November 2010

Wild Angles is a reliable source of news about environmental issues, initiatives and events in the National Wildlife Refuge System, the world's premier system of public lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife and plants.

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Looking Ahead to 2011 

Many projects and initiatives on national wildlife refuges will impact the public next year, from wetlands restoration to transportation, and from protection of cultural sites to greenhouse gas mitigation. Some projects, such as scientific inventories, will safeguard refuge wildlife by making it easier to detect habitat change. Others, such as transportation improvements, will enhance visitor experiences on refuges.

Here are a few highlights:

New or Improved Roads and Trails  Four transportation projects will provide safer and more appealing bicycle and pedestrian access to national wildlife refuges in 2011.

Damage Assessment to Continue in the Gulf of Mexico  The Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) program is expected to continue through 2011 and beyond in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil spill.

Refuge Visitor Satisfaction Survey  What do you like most about national wildlife refuges? What would you like to see changed? Refuge System staff are anticipating the results in 2011 from a nationally representative visitor satisfaction survey.

Have a Say in Your Refuge System's Future  What should your National Wildlife Refuge System be like over the next 20 years? Now — and in the months ahead — is the perfect time to weigh in.

Refuge System Adds to Civil War History  Viewers of Civil War buttons, coins and tourniquet buckles on display for the first time through May at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, can thank the National Wildlife Refuge System, among others. The System is helping to interpret and protect Camp Lawton—the recently unearthed Confederate Army prison camp that is the source of the artifacts.

First Survey of Water Resources on Refuges  The first comprehensive national inventorying of the Refuge System's lakes, rivers, wetlands and streams begins its first full year in 2011, as population growth and climate change increase competition for water resources.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation  Following the lead of the National Park Service, the National Wildlife Refuge System will begin to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation and other sources on its public lands.

Noteworthy Bird Festivals  National wildlife refuges will play a major role in these regional bird festivals.

Refuge Events Calendar  It is always a good season to visit a national wildlife refuge. Here is a sampling of upcoming refuge events.

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