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ATTENTION-There is a new requirement for all Refuge hunters beginning September, 2015. 

All hunters on the Refuge, whether participating in draw or open hunts, must obtain and sign a copy of the new Refuge Hunting Regulations Brochure and have it with them while hunting. There is no fee for the brochure but the brochure must be renewed yearly.  The brochures are available…

-For download here

-From the Refuge office 

-From the Refuge kiosk or 

-From the Refuge facebook page


Hunting on the Refuge is allowed.  Refuge rules and regulations vary from state regulations.

Predominant species hunted are quail, turkey, and white-tailed deer. Squirrel and rabbits are hunted to a lesser extent. Waterfowl hunting is generally limited to small farm ponds, mine ponds, and the Marais des Cygnes River. However, during flood events, as much as 2,000 additional acres of flooded timber and old fields may become available for hunting.




Seventy-five access permits have been issued for the archery deer season on the Refuge. Only legal (KS) archery equipment may be used. Participating hunters who are 16 or younger must hunt under the immediate supervision of an adult 21 or older. The supervising adult may not hunt unless they received an access permit. Technical questions involving the application process or the website should be directed to the KDWPT contact on the "special hunts" page. You may call the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge for any regulation inquiries or questions about the hunt itself.

Note: This hunt encompasses the entire Kansas archery deer season (September 3, 2016-December 31, 2016). However you must meet the application deadline in order to be entered into this draw.

For application and more information go to:



Reminder Hunters....

Hunters must turn in their hunting surveys for harvest documentation after all "applicable" hunts (including: fall archery deer, Spring Turkey, January Antlerless) regardless of success.   

2016 Hunting Survey available for download here



For more information please contact refuge staff at 913-352-8956

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2016
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