Law Enforcement

Refuge Law Enforcement officers are a part of our successes in managing ecosystems, protecting endangered species and wildlife habitat, conserving migratory birds, restoring fisheries, combating invasive species and promoting international wildlife conservation.

Refuge Law Enforcement Mission

Protecting resources and people on our refuges is the fundamental responsibility of refuge officers. The mission of the Refuge Law Enforcement Program is to support the administration of the National Wildlife Refuge System through the management and protection of natural, historic and cultural resources, property, and people on lands and waters of our national wildlife refuges. 

Becoming a Law Enforcement Officer

Students interested in becoming a Law Enforcement Officer are encouraged to pursue a two or four year degree in natural resources conservation, criminal justice, or a related field; though applicable experience may be substituted for education. Applicants must pass a physical fitness test, a psychological screening, a background check, be between the ages of 18 and 37, and be qualified to carry a firearm to be considered eligible. Refuge Officers must then undergo rigorous training including 8 weeks at a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 2 weeks of Refuge Officer Basic School, and 10 weeks of the Field Training and Evaluation Program. All openings for local Law Enforcement Positions with the Fish and Wildlife Service are posted on

Law Enforcement at Cypress Creek Refuge

Law Enforcement officers at Cypress Creek Refuge help visitors understand and obey wildlife protections laws. They work closely with state and local government offices to enforce federal and state hunting regulations that protect migratory birds other game species from illegal take and preserve legitimate hunting opportunities.
Questions regarding Law Enforcement or violations on the refuge should be directed to Refuge Manager Liz Jones at 618-634-2231 or Zone Law Enforcement Officer Dustin Schelling at his office at 618-998-5921.
For Cypress Creek Refuge’s specific hunting, fishing, and other usage rules and regulations, please visit our Rules and Regulations Page.