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Photo of trash and a tire at the water's edge - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Photo of trash and a tire at the water's edge. Credit: USFWS

Since fertilizers and pesticides are contaminants that harm the health of fish and aquatic habitat, and poor livestock management and urbanization results in habitat degradation, solutions are needed.

What can you do about pesticides and fertilizers?

What can you do about livestock concerns?

  • Relocate livestock to fields with other water sources to protect river banks

  • Construct a fence around the stream and provide a different water source, like a well

  • Restrict livestock crossing and access to the stream

  • Benefits
    • A reliable well water source for livestock
    • Healthier livestock
  • Assistance
    • Agriculture easements for grazed land
    • "Partners for Fish and Wildlife" grants for fences and installation of new water sources

What can you do about sewer system concerns?

  • Ensure home septic systems are functioning

  • Rehabilitate outdated municipal systems to separate storm water drains from sewers preventing combined sewage overflow (CSO).

  • Benefits
    • Swimmable and fishable streams free of contaminants
  • Assistance
    • State grants available at low interest to address septic system repairs in MA
    • For more information on This link opens in a new windowCSO policy

What can you do about concerns associated with urbanization?

  • Implement and enforce zoning that protects the river and its immediate surroundings

  • Reduce the amount of debris going into the waterway

  • Benefits
    • Healthier river
    • Agricultural land preservation
    • Consolidated infrastructure with economic efficiencies
    • Local economic benefits of recreational and commercial fishing
  • Assistance

The solutions for habitat problems caused by land use include limiting toxins going into streams from urbanization, managing livestock, and repairing old septic systems.


Last updated: February 23, 2016
Connecticut River Coordinator's Office
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