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Pacific Lamprey Assessments Conducted By Our Partners


The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative has three key components: the Assessment and Template for Conservation Measures; the Conservation Agreement; and Regional Implementation Plans.

  • Tribal Pacific Lamprey Restoration Plan


    The Pacific lamprey provided an important source of food for the tribes of the Columbia River Basin. Once retuning to the Columbia River and its tributaries by the millions, approximately 48,000 returned to Bonneville Dam in 2011. To address this decline, the Columbia River treaty tribes created the most comprehensive restoration plan for Pacific lamprey that the Columbia Basin has seen.

    Tribal Pacific Lamprey Restoration Plan
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 10 Year Lamprey Plan


    The USACE 2008-2018 10 year plan

    The goal is to identify specific actions that can be taken to improve lamprey passage at USACE dams along the lower Columbia and Snake rivers.

    Pacific Lamprey Passage Improvements Implementation Plan
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife


    ODFW 2005 Pacific Lamprey assessment sections from Oregon Native Fish Status Report ODFW Pacific Lamprey Assessment summary ODFW Pacific Lamprey Assessment methods

  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game


    IDFG 2011 Satus report on Pacific Lamprey in Idaho

    IDFG Status of Pacific Lamprey in Idaho
Last Updated: September 27, 2019
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