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Pollinator Gardens and Trails

Here are a few U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuges (Refuge), Fish Hatcheries and other offices that have gardens and/or trails for butterflies and other pollinators that you can visit.





  • Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery - Pollinator garden below Aquatic Conservation Center; more plantings around the Center and in unused ponds around the Hatchery.
  • Norfolk NFH - gardens are in front of and on the south side of the Fish Hatchery Office. Baxter County Master Gardeners installed and maintains the gardens.


  • Leadville National Fish Hatchery has an amazing trail with fantastic seasonal signage identifying flowering plants. The trail begins at the parking lot east of the hatchery office.


  • Stewart B. McKinney NWR - native plants on Outer Island - Take your own boat or kayak, or catch the ferry to the farthest of the Thimble Islands in Branford, CT, where you will see unique plants that support pollinators like the native prickly pear cactus and spotted bee balm.
Butterflies visiting yarrow plant at Tetlin Refuge, Alaska. Aleta Lavender/USFWS
Prickly pear cactus with bee at Stewart B. McKinney NWR, CT; photo credit: Kris Vagos/USFWS














  • Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge - The Prairie Adventure Trail starts at the Visitor Center; along the trail, visitors can see insects and birds that pollinate native prairie plants




Bur marigolds in hatchery run at Welaka NFH, FL; Photo Credit:Tony Brady and Ken Blick/USFWS
Eastern Neck NWR, MD
Gulf fritillary on butterfly weed at Warm springs NFH, GA; photo credit: Alexander Londono/USFWS
Eastern Neck NWR, MD
Black Bayou Lake NWR, LA pollinator garden; photo: Nova Clarke/USFWS


















  • Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery - Pollinator garden is located near the entrance around "The Leaper" statue (thanks to a partnership with Friends of Craig Brook, USFWS/Maine Ecological Services and Bucksport Middle School). Additional small gardens are located in front of the main office area. In addition, pollinator-friendly plants are now being planted in former lawn areas around the facility.
  • Rachel Carson NWR - two pollinator/phenology gardens are located around the headquarters (321 Port Road, Wells, ME) parking area. See favorite native perennials, including columbine and bearberry.  A third garden, the Timber Point Pollinator Garden is found along the Timber Point Trail in Biddeford, ME.  See native perennials suitable for landscaping and a wildflower meadow, including bluebird nest boxes and a native bee house.



  • Monomoy NWR - Pollinator gardens located across from the Headquarters public restrooms and on the left side of the Visitor Center (30 Wikis Way, Chatham, MA 02633). Visitors can see pollinators benefit from over 25 species of flowering plants, which bloom from early spring to late fall!
  • North Attleboro National Fish Hatchery
        More about the gardens
  • Oxbow NWR - Four raised-bed pollinator gardens can be seen at the Bill Ashe Visitor Facility (80 Hospital Road, Devens). The beds contain 33 flowering plant species, providing continuous blooms throughout the growing season.
  • Northeast Regional Office, Hadley - garden is near the patio at the back of the building (300 Westgate Center Drive).
  • Silvio O. Conte NFWR - Fort River Birding and Nature Trail - pollinator habitat can be seen along this one-mile, fully accessible trail with up-close views of diverse wildlife and habitats, from grasslands to forest.  (Trail head location: 69 Moody Bridge Road, Hadley).




Eastern Neck NWR, MD
Eastern Neck Refuge, Maryland. Bob Pos/USFWS
Jordan River National Fish Hatchery, MI
Jordan River National Fish Hatchery Pollinator Garden, Michigan. USFWS
Jordan River National Fish Hatchery, MI
CL Dees Trail wildflowers at MS Sandhill Crane NWR, MS. photo credit: Melissa Perez/USFWS











Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Lee Metcalf NWR Pollinator Garden, Montana. photo credit: USFWS
Jordan River National Fish Hatchery, MI
Oxbow NWR pollinator garden, Massachusetts. photo credit: Jared Green/USFWS

















New Jersey

New York

North Dakota



South Carolina

Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Sullys Hill National Game Preserve Pollinator Garden, ND. USFWS
Carolina Sandhills Butterfly Garden, WS
Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge Pollinator Garden, SC. USFWS credit: Rebecca Bartel/USFWS
Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Edwin B. Forsythe NWR native plant garden, NJ. photo credit: USFWS

















Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Elizabeth A. Morton NWR pollinator garden, NY. photo credit: USFWS
Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Montezuma NWR Monarch Waystation, NY. photo credit: Elzi Volk/USFWS















  • Jones Hole NFH has two flower beds with a variety of perennials and annuals where you can see pollinators in the spring. One is located in front of the visitor center and the other is located on the east side of the hatchery building.


  • Chincoteague NWR - Native plant gardens are adjacent to the Herbert H. Bateman Educational and Administrative Center (8231 Beach Road, Chincoteague Island). A variety of native plants support pollinators along the Wildlife Loop, Marsh Trail, Woodland Trail, Lighthouse Trail, Black Duck Trail, Swans Cove Trail and Bivalve Trail.
  • Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR - Two pollinator gardens and a ½ mile butterfly trail are located at the Visitor Center (32205 Seaside Road, Cape Charles). Find monarch butterflies, tiger swallowtails (Virginia's State insect), and other native pollinators there.
  • Headquarters Pollinator Garden/Monarch Waystation
        located on south side of intersection of Leesburg Pike and S. Jefferson street
  • Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge – Hutchinson Tract

West Virginia

  • Canaan Valley NWR - The Native Garden Trail starts at the Visitor Center (6263 Appalachian Highway, Davis). Explore native plants, birds and other wildlife along the trail, or stop at the Insect Hotel and pollinator magnet bed to see how pollinators help our garden. The trail leads to an overlook and pond behind the garden.
  • Ohio River Islands NWR - The "Birds and Butterflies" Trail is located immediately adjacent to the Visitor Center (3982 Waverly Road, Williamstown). This fully accessible, paved trail features a pollinator hotel and several acres of pollinator-friendly wildflowers.
  • White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery - garden is around the ampitheater.



Headquarters Pollinator Garden/Monarch Waystation
Headquarters Pollinator Garden/Monarch Waystation
Falls Church, Virginia
Credit: Rachel Sullivan/USFWS
Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, Wisconsin. USFWS
Carolina Sandhills Butterfly Garden, WS
Erwin National Fish Hatchery, Tennessee. Photo credit: Norm Heil/USFWS











Genoa National Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden, WS
Ohio River Islands, Birds and Butterflies Trail, OH. photo credit: Michael Schramm/USFWS



Last Updated: October 6, 2017