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Urban Conservation


Conservation of nature in urban areas raises our quality of life by providing people with access to greenspaces and natural areas. It helps protect our natural heritage and results in communities that value the natural world and the economic and environmental benefits that it provides.

  • The Intertwine Alliance

    Cover image of Conservation Strategy Document

    The Intertwine Alliance is a growing coalition of private firms, public agencies and nonprofit organizations that has united to enhance the system of natural areas, parks and trails throughout the greater Portland, Ore./Vancouver, Wash. region.  The USFWS is a supporting member of the Intertwine Alliance because it brings multiple partners together to work on wildlife conservation initiatives, connect people to nature, and serve the public in a population center. The Intertwine Alliance brought together over 100 authors and experts to develop a Regional Conservation Strategy, Biodiversity Atlas and GIS maps for the region. 

  • Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds

    Photo of peregrine flying over city (USFWS)

    The Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds Program works with cities and community partners to conserve migratory birds through education, hazard reductions, citizen science, conservation actions, and habitat improvement strategies in urban/suburban areas. Portland, Oregon became a 'Bird Treaty City' in 2003. For more information about the USFWS program, click here.

    View the Urban Bird Treaty Handbook

  • Urban Ecosystem Research Consortium (UERC)

    Image of a frog

    The UERC is a consortium of people from universities and colleges, state and federal agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations and independent professionals interested in sharing urban ecosystem research. Through an information-sharing network, the UERC supports people that collect and use ecological data in the Portland/Vancouver area. 

    Visit the UERC website

  • Metropolitan Greenspaces Program Archives

    Cover image of Conservation Strategy Document

    Awarding grants to community partners was a major focus of the Greenspaces Program when it was funded from 1991 through 2004. Over 300 grants enabled local governments, schools, businesses, special districts, nonprofit organizations, and thousands of citizens to restore, enhance, and learn about urban natural resources, while leveraging federal funding with matching contributions more than five-fold. 

    Archives of the final reports of conservation and restoration projects are being compiled and, upon completion, will become available for viewing.

  • Urban Wildlife Conservation Program

    Illustration of a beaver wearing bicycling helmet and shirt

    The USFWS is bringing nature into the city in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area. While the USFWS offers four National Wildlife Refuges as outstanding places to experience the outdoors close to home, we also understand that we need to meet people at their "nature beginning place," be it at a venue as grand as the Oregon Zoo or as local as neighborhood parks.

    The Urban Wildlife Conservation Program gives us the people and the resources to be a strong partner in the community and advance some of the great projects and ideas rising from the many people and organizations in the Portland-Vancouver area that care as much about the future of the natural world as we do.

    Learn more about the Urban Wildlife Conservation Program

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