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The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office is built around partnerships because the conservation challenges of the 21st Century are more than any one organization or individual can handle on their own. The OFWO programs listed below are a great starting point to understand the different ways we can work with you to take conservation further, faster, together.

  • Partners for Fish and Wildife

    Photo of partners in the field (USFWS)

    Partners for Fish & Wildlife is a pro-active program that promotes voluntary participation by landowners and provides financial and technical assistance for planning and implementing habitat improvements on their property.

    This program delivers on-the-ground habitat restoration projects that benefit federal trust species including migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, anadromous fish and marine mammals. Projects restore and enhance degraded habitat and, in some cases, create new habitat.

    The link below will take you to several videos highlighting some of the conservation strides we've made working with partners through this program.

    Learn more

  • Coastal Program

    Photo of Oregon Silverspot Butterfly at Cascade Head (Woodland Park Zoo)

    Known for its breathtaking beauty and ruggedness, the Oregon Coast is also teeming with biodiversity, including many species that are struggling to find appropriate and abundant habitat.

    The Oregon Coastal Program provides consultative and financial resources to support voluntary restoration of high-priority habitats along the coast. This includes projects on private lands as well as lands managed by other government and non-profit organizations.

    Learn more about the Coastal Program

  • Species Recovery Program

    Photo of Oregon Chub in Willamette River (Jeremy Monroe)

    Recovery is the ultimate goal of the endangered species program - to restore the species to the point where it is a secure, self-sustaining part of its ecosystem and to the point that protections under the Endangered Species Act are no longer needed.

    This involves protecting and often restoring the habitat in which the species can thrive. Recovery actions can take many forms and our program has many aspects to reflect the diverse nature of threatened and endangered species recovery.

    Learn more about the Species Recovery Program

  • Conservation Agreements

    Photo of partners in the field (USFWS)

    Conservation Agreements are mechanisms under the Endangered Species Act that address the needs of fish, wildlife, and plant species through creative partnerships designed to reduce conflicts between endangered species and private land management or development.

    Learn more about Conservation Agreements in Oregon

  • Schoolyard Habitat

    Photo collage of Joseph Charter School Pollinator Garden

    Through our Schoolyard Habitat program we work with teachers and students to design and create wildlife habitat, learning gardens, and nature trails on school grounds. We provide technical assistance and project guidance; teacher training; and written resources. Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom projects can also address planning for new school construction and renovation projects.

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