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Potomac River
National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Comprehensive Conservation Planning


The Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex comprises three refuges: the Featherstone, Mason Neck and Occoquan Bay refuges. We divided our planning for this complex into two parts: one for the Featherstone and Mason Neck refuges; the other, for the Occoquan Bay refuge. Please visit the Occoquan Bay CCP website to learn more about its planning.

The Featherstone and Mason Neck refuges are now in the Preplanning stage of the CCP process. They are scheduled to begin working officially on their CCP in 2011. Please check back then for more information on the Featherstone and Mason Neck CCP. To learn more about CCPs and the CCP process in general, please visit What Are CCPs?

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Last Updated: Monday, February 26, 2007 14:07

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