Nevada Fish & Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

Bull Trout Recovery
Recovery Actions


Collage: Historical Mine site on West Fork Jarbidge River; bull trout survey crew; restoration site - streambank erosion along Jarbidge Canyon road.



  • Jarbidge River watershed bull trout surveys
  • Bull trout survey protocol development

    Current Projects

  • Historical Mines Contaminants Analyses
  • Preliminary Risk Screening of Metals Discharged from the Elkoro Mine Adit into the West Fork Jarbidge River, Nevada (1 MB PDF)
  • Jarbidge Canyon road reconstruction and bridge replacements

    Proposed Projects

  • Pole Creek Cattle and Horse Allotment livestock fencing project
  • West Fork Jarbidge River instream and riparian habitat improvement project
    Last updated: April 16, 2014