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Conservation Planning Assistance

Cypress trees with spanish moss in wetland. Credit USFWS

Wetland. Credit: Calvin Lunceford, USFWS

Conserving Habitat for Fish and Wildlife in Missississippi

To protect the overall public interest, including the natural environment and our trust resources, Congress has mandated that certain public and private development activities require formal authorization and approval by the Federal Government or state agencies with delegated regulatory authority.

Some of these Development Projects Include:

  • highway construction and re-routing

  • pipeline construction

  • gravel mining

  • cell tower construction

  • construction or development in wetland habitats

  • coastal development

  •  looking into gopher tortoise burrow. Credit USFWS

    Biologist using scoping camera to view inside gopher tortoise burrow. Credit: USFWS

Section 7 ESA & Conservation Planning Assistance:


Staff Contacts by County


For more information contact David Felder.


  biologist retrieves gohper tortoise out of harms way
Biologist retrieves gopher tortoise for relocation. Credit: Randy Browning, USFWS
federal project
An example of a federal project: a very large weir. Credit: USFWS
Pondberry is an endangered plant found in Mississippi delta wetlands. Credit: USFWS
bear crossing road sign
Bear road sign warning mortorists on highway 61. Credit: Spencer, Vicksburg Post Photographer

Last Updated: June 26, 2017