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Both the stand-alone CCP and the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) are provided in portable document format (pdf). To see them, you need Acrobat Reader software, and it is available for free on the Adobe website.


Full CCP (2.6 MB)

Signature Page and Contents (88 KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction and Background (293 KB)
Chapter 2: The Planning Process (164 KB)
Chapter 3: The Refuge Environment (983 KB)
Chapter 4: Management Direction (376 KB)
Chapter 5: Plan Implementation (119 KB)
Appendix A: Record of Decision (102 KB)
Appendix B: Glossary (49 KB)
Appendix C: Species Lists (52 KB)
Appendix D: Compatibility Determinations (20 KB)
Appendix E: Compliance Requirements (45 KB)
Appendix F: RONS/MMS Lists (25 KB)
Appendix G: List of Preparers (26 KB)
Appendix H: Mailing List for the EIS (36 KB)
Appendix I: References (27 KB)
Appendix J: Land Protection Plan (575 KB)


Full FEIS (4.2 MB)

Summary FEIS (268 KB)

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Abstract (26 KB)
Reader's Guide (24 KB)
Table of Contents (130 KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction, Purpose, Need, Planning Background (1.1 MB)
Chapter 2: Alternatives, Objectives and Strategies (608 KB)
Chapter 3: Affected Environment (316 KB)
Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (237 KB)
Chapter 5: List of Preparers (23 KB)
Chapter 6: List of Agencies, Organizations and Persons Receiving the EIS (47 KB)
Chapter 7: Comments on the Draft EIS and Service Response (998 KB)
Chapter 8: References (25 KB)
Appendix A: Comprehensive Conservation Plan Chapters (71 KB)
Appendix B: Glossary (47 KB)
Appendix C: Species List (50 KB)
Appendix D: Compatibility Determinations (18 KB)
Appendix E: Refuge Operations Needs (RONS) and Maintenance management System (MMS) (24 KB)
Appendix F: Compliance Requirements (43 KB)
Appendix G: List of Initialisms and Acronyms (21 KB)
Appendix H: Mailing List (34 KB)
Appendix I: Refuge Staff Organization (32 KB)
Appendix J: Land Protection Plan (580 KB)

Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation PlanCover of the Driftless Area NWR CCP

Comprehensive Conservation Plan Completed
Record of Decision Signed
For More Information
Where Are We in the Planning Process

Comprehensive Conservation Plan Completed

With the signing of the Record of Decision in May 2006 and completion of the stand-alone Comprehensive Conservation Plan in November 2006, planning for Driftless Area NWR is complete.

Over the next 15 years the Refuge will seek to acquire additional land in an effort to increase habitat for the Iowa Pleistocene snail. The hope is that with more habitat the snail's population will increase sufficiently to warrant delisting the currently endangered species. Many of the recovery goals addressed for the snail would also benefit Northern monkshood. More active management of Refuge lands and endangered species habitat will contribute to meeting multiple recovery tasks for delisting of the Iowa Pleistocene snail. Restoration of forest habitat will be increased; there will be increased attention to control of invasive species, and inventory of plants and wildlife. Public use will be increased for environmental education and wildlife observation only where adequate public access and sufficient buffer areas around endangered species habitat exist. The amount of public use will be monitored.

The CCP includes an approved acquisition area of 6,000 acres in 22 counties in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Over the next 15 years, the Refuge will work with willing owners to expand by 2,275 acres. Land acquisition will enhance endangered species recovery and species of concern.

Both the Final EIS/CCP and the stand-alone CCP that is derived from that document are available for viewing online in portable document format (pdf).

Record of Decision Signed

In May 2006, Robyn Thorson, the Regional Director of the Midwest Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, signed the Record of Decision, affirming the preferred alternative in the Final CCP/EIS as the direction for management of the Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge. The Regional Director’s decision was formally announced in the Federal Register on May 26, 2006. You can view the Record of Decision (ROD) here.


Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1989 under the authority of the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Two federally listed endangered species, the Iowa Pleistocene snail and Northern monkshood, are found on the Refuge. Located in northeast Iowa, the 781-acre Refuge includes nine units that range in size from 6 acres to 209 acres. Refuge lands include upland hardwood forests, grassland, and stream and riparian habitats.

Protection of endangered species is the primary management focus of Driftless Area NWR.

For More Information

For more information on Driftless Area NWR, please call the Refuge at:
Phone: 563/873-3423
TTY: 1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay)

Where Are We in the Planning Process?

These are the steps that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service follows in comprehensive conservation planning; the step that Driftless Area NWR has reached is highlighted:

  1. Preplanning: Plan the Plan
  2. Initiate Public Involvement and Scoping
  3. Review Vision Statement and Goals and Determine Significant Issues
  4. Develop and Analyze Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action
  5. Prepare a Draft CCP and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Document
  6. Prepare and Adopt Final CCP
  7. Implement Plan, Monitor and Evaluate
  8. Review and Revise the Plan
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