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Environmental Contaminants Program

Protecting Natural Resources from Environmental Contamination



Sunset Park fishing pier along the Lower Fox River in Kimberly, Wisconsin was partially funded with a grant from the Lower Fox River/Green Bay Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustee Council.

Photo by USFWS; Betsy M. Galbraith

Fish and wildlife are exposed to harmful chemicals released through a myriad of human activities such as oil spills, industrial and municipal discharges, mining and smelting, pesticides from residential lawns and runoff from agricultural lands, and many others. In addition, fish and wildlife face new threats every day from newly introduced contaminants such as flame retardants, stain repellents, chemical additives, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals.


The Environmental Contaminants Program provides specialized expertise in pollution science to identify and prevent adverse effects, and then to restore the environment back to a healthy condition. We have experts in oil and chemical spill response, determining water quality effects on fish and wildlife, determining pesticide effects, and restoring habitats harmed by pollution.


Program Goals


  • Conserve trust resources and their habitats through contaminant prevention.


  • Restore and recover trust resources and their habitats harmed by environmental contaminants and other stressors.


  • Provide contaminant expertise and quality scientific data and interpretation to support sound management decisions.


  • Increase accountability, coordination, and visibility of the Program to our partners and the public.


  • Maintain and support an adequate and technically capable state-of-the art workforce.


Natural Resource Damage Assessment:


Lower Fox River/Green Bay


Fox River Current - this newsletter has all the latest news about the Fox River cleanup and restoration.



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Last updated: January 7, 2020