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NiSource Habitat Conservation Plan

Lands Included in the HCP


One-Mile “Covered Lands” Corridor for NiSource HCP

Schematic of one-mile corridor (PDF)


The “one-mile corridor” describes the area on either side of the NiSource pipeline network where the incidental take permit, if approved, would be valid. This area is one-half mile on either side of the center line of the pipeline network. This area represents the lands on which NiSource currently conducts operation and maintenance activities. For the purposes of the HCP and incidental take permit, the one-mile corridor is the area where incidental take of endangered or threatened species covered by the HCP would be allowed. This corridor is within the existing NiSource rights-of-way.


The one-mile corridor does not affect existing property rights, impose land-use restrictions or change the way in which NiSource would work within its existing rights-of-way. If granted, an Incidental Take Permit would allow NiSource to take listed species while performing otherwise legal activities such as routine operation and maintenance or new projects within the corridor, in effect, one-half mile on either side of the centerline of the pipeline.


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Last updated: April 14, 2015