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Northern Long-eared Bat

Range Map


This map shows the northern long-eared bat range overlain with forested areas. Because northern long-eared bats require trees for roosting during summer, the forested areas within the range indicate where this bat may occur during times when it is not hibernating (spring through fall).


This map differs from the previous versions in that the range in the United States is depicted by county. We are using counties to identify the range so that it matches the range used to identify the WNS buffer zone used for the northern long-eared bat 4(d) rule.


Image is linked to a pdf version.


Counties in Northern Long-eared Bat Range - updated December 31, 2017 (Excel Spreadsheet)


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting information on known locations of northern long-eared bats and the range could change as this information is provided. For this reason, the depicted range is of the date as identified on the map.

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Last updated: March 12, 2018