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Upland pond where NLEBs were susessfully captured on a state forest in IN

Upland pond where northern long-eared bats were captured on a state forest in Indiana.

Photo by USFWS/Andrew King


Northern Long-eared Bat

Final 4(d) Rule

Section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act directs the Service to issue regulations deemed “necessary and advisable to provide for the conservation of threatened species.” It allows the Service to promulgate special rules for species listed as threatened (not endangered) that provide flexibility in implementing the ESA. We use 4(d) rules to target the take prohibitions to those that provide conservation benefits for the species. This targeted approach can reduce ESA conflicts by allowing some activities that do not harm the species to continue, while focusing our efforts on the threats that make a difference to the species’ recovery.


For the northern long-eared bat, the 4(d) rule tailors protections to areas affected by white-nose syndrome during the bat’s most sensitive life stages. The rule is designed to protect the bat while minimizing regulatory requirements for landowners, land managers, government agencies and others within the species’ range.


Briefing Slides: About the 4(d) Rule Adobe PDF Icon Jan. 14, 2016

Section 7 Consultation for Federal Projects that fit under the 4(d) Rule

Key to the 4(d) Rule for Non-federal Projects

Hibernacula and Maternity Roost Tree Locations


4(d) Rule Published in Federal Register

News Release

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FAQs About Final 4(d) Rule



WNS Zone Map (1-page PDFAdobe PDF Icon)

Map updated October 1, 2018. The WNS Zone map is updated on the first of every month if there are new counties with verified occurrences of white-nose syndrome or Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd), the fungus that causes the disease.


Counties in WNS Zone (Excel Spreadsheet)

Updated July 2, 2018. Counties in the WNS Zone are updated on the first of every month if the zone changes due to new counties verified with white-nose syndrome or Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd), the fungus that causes the disease.


Counties in Northern Long-eared Bat Range (Excel Spreadsheet)

Updated December 31, 2017.


Supporting Documents

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