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Karner Blue Butterfly

Wisconsin HCP Facts


Photo of a Karner blue butterfly on a wild lupine flower.  Photo by Ann Swengel


butterfly iconThe Karner blue butterfly habitat conservation plan is the first state-wide habitat conservation plan developed in the nation.


butterfly iconThe Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources led the effort to develop this state-wide habitat conservation plan, in cooperation with a diverse group of 26 partners, including major forestry stakeholders, conservation organizations, county forests, utility companies, private landowners, and the Wisconsin Departments of Agriculture and Transportation.


butterfly iconThe Karner blue butterfly requires that its habitat be disturbed periodically. This makes it a good species for a habitat conservation plan, since landowners can manage their activities in ways that benefit the species by disturbing its habitat in specified ways.


butterfly iconThe habitat conservation plan is one of the first true landscape-wide habitat plans for an endangered species. Lands supporting the Karner blue butterfly include utility rights-of-way, abandoned agricultural fields, managed forest lands, military training areas and bombing ranges, and managed and un-managed barrens, savannas, and prairie areas that support wild lupine plants. The plan will ensure the continued existence of the Karner blue butterfly on more than 260,000 acres of land in Wisconsin.


butterfly iconPartners in the habitat conservation plan have voluntarily entered into legally binding species and habitat conservation agreements with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


butterfly iconThe 26 partners will conduct education programs to encourage private landowners to participate in the conservation of the Karner blue butterfly throughout Wisconsin on a voluntary basis.


butterfly iconConservation efforts by private landowners will be optional.


butterfly iconAny loss of the Karner blue butterfly is expected to be offset by the conservation activities on lands owned and managed by the Wisconsin DNR and the partner groups and by the voluntary conservation efforts of private landowners. The partners have agreed to more rigorous conservation efforts and alternative management regimes should the species need them in the future.

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