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Private Stewardship Grants

2006 Funded Projects



Habitat enhancement for state-listed and conserved fen species - (application by private landowner) - Marshall County, Indiana – ($18,125) Species benefiting from stewardship activities include northern leopard frog, Blanding’s turtle, eastern massasauga, and marsh club moss. PDF of project proposal



Southern Iowa oak savanna and tallgrass prairie restoration initiative - (application by the Decatur County Economic Development Board) - Decatur and Ringgold Counties, Iowa – ($125,000) - Practices will benefit the Henslow’s sparrow, greater prairie chicken, the eastern prairie fringed orchid, and at least 12 other at-risk plant species.  This project is a collaborative effort among Decatur County, Graceland University, Southern Iowa Oak Savanna Alliance, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and The Nature Conservancy. PDF of project proposal



Endangered Great Lakes piping plover protection and monitoring in Northern Michigan - (application by Central Lake Superior Land Conservancy) - Alger, Chippewa, and Schoolcraft Counties, Michigan – ($69,373) - Piping plover monitoring and protection at Grand Marais, Vermilion, and Gulliver, Michigan.  Activities supported by this grant are a part of a multi-agency partnership among the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service and the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, and will be conducted over a two-year period. PDF of project proposal


Kalamazoo Nature Center fen and upland restoration project - (application by Kalamazoo Nature Center) - Kalamazoo County, Michigan - ($28,559) Funds will be used to protect and enhance fen and upland habitats that support 21 state-listed species including the eastern massasauga (snake), Blanding’s turtle, spotted turtle, and the cut-leaved water parsnipPDF of project proposal



Southeast Minnesota Prairie and Savanna Restoration Project - (application by Prairie Smoke Chapter of The Prairie Enthusiasts) - Fillmore, Houston, Mower, and Olmsted Counties, Minnesota - ($99,500) - The habitat in the top 4 four priority identified prairie remnants will be recovered, enhanced and expanded to benefit at-risk species including cliff goldenrod, Hill’s thistle, and the timber rattlesnake. PDF of project proposal


Rare species habitat restoration within an 80-acre residential property – (application by private landowner) - Anoka County, Minnesota - ($40,000) - Private landowner will restore, enhance and manage habitats supporting the tubercled rein orchid, lance-leaved violet, and Blanding’s turtlePDF of project proposal



Maries River Watershed Restoration for private landowners and Niangua darters - (application by private landowner) - Osage and Maries Counties, Missouri – ($85,000) - The Maries River Watershed Landowner Committee will implement best management practices within the Maries River watershed to benefit the endangered Niangua darter as well as 12 other at-risk species such as plains topminnow, grotto salamander, and black sandshell.  This is a collaborative conservation effort among the landowners, Osage and Maries Counties Soil and Water Conservation District, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Farm Services Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Conservation, University of Missouri Extension, Maries/Osage Cattleman’s Association, Osage Independent Pork Producers, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail Unlimited, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri.  PDF of project proposal


Groundwater protection in the Tumbling Creek Cave Recharge Area - (application by Ozark Underground Laboratory, Inc.) - Taney County, Missouri – ($26,988) - This grant addresses management activities located in the groundwater recharge area to Tumbling Creek Cave which provides habitat for 10 species of conservation concern, including the endangered Tumbling Creek cavesnail, Indiana bat, and gray bat. PDF of project proposal



Restoration of oak savanna and wet prairie communities at St. Michael's Ridge - (application by private landowner) - Defiance County, Ohio – ($11,050) - This project will help restore 20 acres of black oak savanna on a centennial farm on St. Michael’s Ridge along with 30 acres of wet prairie and swamp forest to benefit 10 state-listed species including the frosted elfin and Persius dusky wing butterflies. PDF of project proposal  



Kinnickinnic River canyon prairie and oak savanna recovery project - (application by the Kinnikinnic River Land Trust) - Pierce County, Wisconsin – ($40,000) - The grant will help restore prairie and oak savanna habitats for several at-risk species including prairie bush clover (threatened), timber rattlesnake, prairie fame-flower, and kitten-tails PDF of project proposal


Critical habitat restoration in driftless area of southwest Wisconsin - (application by the Mississippi Valley Conservancy) - Crawford, Grant, La Crosse, and Vernon counties, Wisconsin – ($40,000) - This grant will target six areas for restoration on over 1,250 acres of bluffland, sand prairie, goat prairie, riverine wetland, and grassland habitats.  These areas support 28 at-risk species including timber rattlesnake, Blanding’s turtle, Henslow’s sparrow, Hill’s thistle, and northern monkshood (threatened).  PDF of project proposal


Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area Prairie Restoration Project - (application by The Prairie Enthusiasts) - Dane and Iowa counties, Wisconsin – ($75,000) - Funds will restore 236 acres of degraded prairie remnants on 11 sites  to create large tracts of uninterrupted habitat for eight at-risk species including regal fritillary, turberous Indian plantain, Hill’s thistle, white lady’s slipper, Bell’s vireo, and ornate box turtlePDF of project proposal


Karner blue butterfly and associated declining species of savanna and barrens - (application by Sand County Foundation, Inc.) - Portage, Waupaca, Outagamie, Waushara, Adams, Marquette, Green Lake, Jackson, Wood, Juneau, and Monroe counties, Wisconsin – ($111,743) - Working in partnership with 15 landowners, 500 acres of habitat will be enhanced and restored through invasive species control, prescribed fire, tree canopy reductions, and native prairie seeding.  Fifty-six at-risk species will benefit from this project including the prairie bush clover, Karner blue butterfly, loggerhead shrike, Blanding’s turtle, eastern massasauga, ottoe skipper, and frosted elfin butterflyPDF of project proposal


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Last updated: April 14, 2015