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2009 News and Accomplishments



December 16, 2009: The Service Finds 67 Species May Warrant Endangered Species Act Protection, Further Study Planned Finding includes one insect found in Illinois


Dec. 16, 2009: Donations Triple Reward for Information on Shooting of Whooping Crane Near Cayuga, Indiana


Dec. 10, 2009: Endangered Whooping Crane, Prominent in Species Recovery Success Story, Found Shot Near Cayuga, Indiana
Adult and juvenile whooping cranes.


Dec. 9, 2009: White Cat's Paw Pearly Mussel 5-Year Review (14-page PDF)


Dec. 4, 2009: Cave closures likely key to slowing deadly white-nose syndrome spread


Dec. 3, 2009: Fish and Wildlife Service to Conduct Status Review of the Sprague’s pipit - - Songbird’s range includes northwestern Minnesota

Sprague's Pipit page on the Cornell Ornithology Lab website

Federal Register Notice: 90-Day Finding on a Petition to List Sprague’s Pipit as Threatened or Endangered (PDF)
Sprague's pipit by Paul Conover


Dec. 2, 2009: Climate Change Adds Challenges to Freshwater Mussel Conservation


Bridge replacement helps Niangua darter recovery.


November 6, 2009: Service Releases Annual List of Candidates for Endangered Species Act: a Freshwater Mussel found in Midwest is added


November 5, 2009: Ultralight Migration Leads 20 Endangered Whooping Cranes Over the Skies of Illinois
Ultralight and six whooping cranes in flight.


October 26, 2009: Fish and Wildlife Service Awards $800,000 in Grants to Explore Cause, Control of White-Nose Syndrome in Bats


October 23, 2009: Ninth Group of Endangered Whooping Cranes Depart on Ultralight-guided Flight to Florida
Two whooping cranes in flight.  Photo by Operation Migration


September 30, 2009: Indiana Bat Five-Year Review (45-page PDF)
Cluster of Indiana bats on cave ceiling.  Photo by USFWS; Andrew King


September 22, 2009: Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Endangered Species Act Protection for the Shovelnose Sturgeon


September 8, 2009: Quad Cities Nuclear Station Draft HCP available for public review and comment


September 3, 2009: Secretary Salazar Announces Guidelines to Protect Indiana Bat from Surface Coal Mining Impacts
News Release
View the Guidelines (PDF)


August 11, 2009: Endangered Piping Plover Chicks Make History. Three chicks are from first Illinois nest in 30 years.
Piping plover chick.  Photo by USFWS; Joel Trick


July 27, 2009: Revised Disinfection Protocol for Bat Field Studies. To minimize the potential for transmission of white-nose syndrome
Bat researcher measuring the dimensions of a bat cluster on a cave ceiling.  Photo by S. Johnson


June 29, 2009: Withdrawal of Gray Wolf April 2009 Delisting Decision to Provide Opportunity for Public Comment
Howling gray wolf


June 19, 2009 News Release: Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Proposals from States for 2009 Endangered Species Grants


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune (June 11, 2009): Scientists hopeful mussels will come back. A story about reintroducing the endangered winged mapleleaf.
winged mapleleaf - Photo by USFWS; Phil Delphey


June 9, 2009: American Burying Beetle Reintroduction: Endangered Species Returned to Wayne National Forest


June 2, 2009: Color-banded Kirtland's Warbler Returns to Wisconsin
Kirtland's warbler with color leg bands.  Photo by USFWS; Joel Trick


June thru July 2009: Wisconsin Kirtland's Warbler Updates


Kirtland's Warblers

Updates on Wisconsin's Kirtland's Warblers

Chip-Chip-che-way-o: a guest blog for Detroit Free-Press by USFWS biologist Christie Deloria

Kirtland's Warblers Tours in Michigan

FWS, Partners Implement Two Kirtlands Warbler Habitat Projects In Michigan's Upper Peninsula (WLUC TV Marquette)

About Kirtland's Warblers


May 19, 2009: Coaster Brook Trout - Listing Not Warranted


May 15, 2009: Celebrate Endangered Species Day!


April 28, 2009: Salazar and Locke Restore Scientific Consultations under the Endangered Species Act to Protect Species and their Habitats


April 2, 2009: Final Rule Published Removing Gray Wolves in Western Great Lakes From Endangered Species List

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