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Wetlands, especially those in the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR), are critical landscape elements because of their unmatched importance to breeding waterfowl and other wildlife.  They provide vast benefits to store runoff or act as nutrient sinks and offer other environmental and socio-economic returns.Minnesota Wetland

Restorable Wetlands Inventory (RWI) - An inventory of the historic distribution of wetlands across the glaciated tallgrass Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota and Iowa.

Small Wetlands Aquisition Program (SWAP) - Conservation of small wetlands and associated upland habitats in the conservation of breeding waterfowl, while providing collateral benefits to migrant waterfowl and other species of wetland and grassland dependant migratory birds.

Landscape Restoration Potential (LRP) - Landscape evaluation tool designed to optimize resources for the conservation and protection of highly productive properties.


Water Quality, Ecological Effects and Tile Drainage in South Dakota by Matt Schwarz

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