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Our Work

eyed eggs. Credit: Florian Graner

Photo credit: Florian Graner

  • Restoring and Enhancing Fish Runs


    The Makah National Fish Hatchery exists as a joint venture with the Makah Indian Nation for the continued enhancement of Pacific salmon along Washington State's northwest coast. This program grew out of the need to restore and enhance fish runs due to surface water degradation and habitat loss created by timber harvest and human population growth and development.

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  • Tribal Trust Responsibilities

    Quinault Tribal Fishing Quides

    The hatchery's primary role and responsibility lies in the relationship between the United States and federally recognized Pacific Northwest Native American Tribes. We also provide tribal youth opportunities for employment and to connect with nature.

  • Connecting People with Nature


    We provide opportunities for children and adults to learn more about nature by offering school activities, volunteer projects, and site visits and tours.

    See Educational Programming for more information.
Last Updated: October 9, 2014
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