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Four Seasons At Makah NFH

Quinault National Fish Hatchery sign

Makah NFH staff are busy year round propagating hatchery steelhead, Chinook, chum, and coho salmon.

  • Spawning (September - December)

    Preparing eggs for fertilization

    Returning coho, Chinook, chum and winter steelhead adults are sorted and spawned. Fertilized eggs are incubated and spawned carcasses are surplused to the Makah Tribe.

  • Incubation (September - March)

    Chinook salmon sac fry

    Eggs are sorted, enumerated, and incubated for hatching. When the yolk sac is absorbed, the fish are moved into tanks and feeding begins.

  • Release (April - May)


    As the water warms and the photo period increases, the yearling fish begin to transform from fry into smolts. The chum are the first to be released, followed by the coho and the steelhead.

  • Maintenance (May - September)

    Feeding fish

    The fry remain and are fed throughout the summer. Infrastructure improvements and facility maintenance prepare the facility for another year of fish production.

Last Updated: October 9, 2014
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