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Our People

Quinault NFH Fish Culturalist Bob Nash


  • Kristin Bates, Hatchery Manager

    ManagerKristin Bates joined the Makah team in December 2019 as their Hatchery Manager. Kristin graduated from the University of Idaho in 2010 with a bachelors degrees in both Fishery and Wildlife Resources. She then spent the next four years working out in Prince William Sound, Alaska gaining experience with all 5 species of pacific salmon. From 2014-2019 she raised sockeye salmon for CIAA at their Trail Lakes Fish Hatchery in Moose Pass, Alaska. Kristin received a Masters in Business Administration in 2017 from the University of Phoenix to compliment her fisheries education and experience.

  • Craig Thomas, Assistant Hatchery Manager

    ManagerCraig Thomas

  • Steve Baum, Maintenance Mechanic

    ManagerSteve Baum joined the Makah NFH in February of 2019 as a maintenance mechanic. He has 12 years commercial truck driving experience, graduated from the Evergreen State College in 2002, completed the Parks Law Enforcement Academy in at Skagit Valley College in 2004 and worked eight years as a Washington state Park Ranger. In 2013 Steve went to work for the Makah Tribe managing the Hobuck Beach Resort and the Cape Resort promoting the many recreational activities available in the area such as fishing, surfing, hiking, kayaking and camping. Steve has a passion for lifelong learning and enjoys spending time outdoors sharing adventures with his wife, kids and family.

  • Vern Toliver, Maintenance Mechanic

    ManagerVern has been with the Service for over 27 years and is a near life time local resident. In addition to working with the logging industry he has always been a bit of a "gear head" with a passion for motors, mechanics, fixing stuff, and most importantly seeing a need and making something new. Whenever a specialized need occurs on our fish farm, his solutions are exactly what are required.

  • Thomas Johnson, Fish Culturist

    ManagerThomas "Homie" Johnson started working at Makah NFH as a Tribal employee through the TERO program in 2015. In February 2020 Homie was promoted to a USFWS Fish Culturist for his hard work and dedication. Prior to hatchery work Homie spent years as a commercial fisherman. His hands on approach, coupled with a keen sense of intuition and humor make him a strong Fish Culturist. Homie's favorite part of the job is watching hatchery efforts pay off every year as adult salmon return to the hatchery.Thomas enjoys making new friends, watching his 3 boys grow up, and recreating with his wife and family.

  • Carolyn Erb, Fish Culturist

    ManagerCarolyn Erb was hired in February of 2020, and is one of two Fish Culturists at Makah NFH. She has an AAS (Associates Applied Science) in Fisheries Technologies from Mount Hood Community College, and comes with a variety of fisheries experience including time with ODFW and WDFW. She spent seven years in the United States Army as a medic, to include two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. In her free time Carolyn enjoys spending time with her husband and adventuring with her two dogs, Honey and Carr.

  • Mitchell "Butch" McGee, Fish Culturist Contractor

    ManagerButch was Service employee for 37 years prior to working part time as a contractor. He initially worked for the construction company as the station was built and then became a founding employee. Butch is a member of the Makah Nation and has prior experience in the logging industry and as a commercial fisherman.


Last Updated: October 9, 2014
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