When traveling abroad, tourists should be aware of possible restrictions on wildlife or wildlife products that they wish to buy and bring home. This section provides information to travelers to ensure that they are making smart decisions about souvenirs they may purchase. We also have provided information for bird owners wishing to travel internationally with their pet bird.

For more information on travel to a specific location or traveling with your pet bird, follow the links to the left. Also be sure to review our Buyer Beware brochures for travelers, which provide important information on common goods you might see for sale when abroad.

Are you potentially importing or exporting wildlife or wildlife products? If so, you should review the regulations on wildlife trade and find out if you need a permit. When trading species regulated under CITES, you must follow the necessary permit and certificate requirements. To find out more information on permitting, read the CITES Permits and Certificates factsheet pdf , follow the links to the left, and visit our ‘Do I need a Permit?’ page.

To find out what you can do to ensure the sustainable and legal trade of wildlife, visit our How You Can Help page.