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DeSoto NWR received $100,000 in Regional Transportation Enhancement Funds from the Iowa Department of Transportation. The money will be used for critically needed conservation work on the 10,000 metal items in the Steamboat Bertrand collection.

Beginning in February 2006, FWS will chair the Department of the Interior's Heritage Asset Partnership which is charged with providing expertise on properly managing DOI's historic properties. Management Through Moving: An Approach for Historic Preservation >> (28 KB MS Word)

Cathlapotle Plankhouse Partnership Wins National Award >> (208 KB MS Word)

Pelican Island NWR Archeological Excavations >> (536 KB PDF)

Learning Lessons of the Past in Hawaii's Lava Tubes >>

Characterization of Archaeological, Physical and Geological Features at Bandon Marsh NWR, Oregon, using Ground Penetrating Radar >>

Historic cabins now available to visitors and scholars. A dozen historic cabins at Kenai NWR were recently made available as lodging after they had been examined, photographed, and documented by archaeologists who will study their importance to the area. See http://news.fws.gov/tipsheet/2005-05-06-tipsheet.pdf for more information.

Chinookans Bring Traditional Plankhouse To Life >>

Opening the Door to the Cathlapotle Plankhouse: A Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Legacy for the Tribes and Public >>
(169 KB PDF)

Steamboat Bertrand's Surviving Beverages and Foodstuffs on Display >> (20 KB PDF)

Remains of Rare Eastern Elk Unearthed

Treasure Hunting in the Marquesas Keys

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