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Casco Bay Estuary Parternship Important Habitat Protection Fund

Brickyard Farm, Falmouth

Picture of boaters on the shores of the Presumpscot River.
Brickyard Farm. Credit: USFWS

Portland Trails, an urban land trust, acquired 14 acres of exceptional property with more than 1,650 feet of shoreline, located at the mouth of the Presumpscot River. Historically, the land's rich marine clay was mined to make bricks that were shipped all across the eastern United States. Ever since the consturction of I-295 isolated the property, the land has been returning to its natural state -- forested upland, salt marsh and undisturbed intertidal mudflats that provide important migratory habitat for shorebirds, wading birds and waterfowl.

Portland Trails and Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) are working together to protect wildlife habitat and create public access. MITA will add the parcel to its established network of island stops in Casco Bay. Portland Trails intends to build a primitive land trail connecting the property to Maine Audubon Society's Gilsland Farm Sanctuary via a bridge over Skitterygusset Creek.

Brickyard Farm is near five other Presumpscot River properties already protected by Portland Trails, the City of Portland and the Town of Falmouth. The acquisition of this parcel is an important part of Portland Trails' long-range plan to preserve as much of the shoreline of the Presumpscot River as possible. The Brickyard Farm acquisition was funded with donations from the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Important Habitat Protection Fund and several other key donors.

Holt Bog-Sebago Headwaters Preserve, Bridgton

Picture of Holt Bog.
Holt Bog. Credit: USFWS

Loon Echo Land Trust, in partnership with the Lakes Environmental Association, conducted an ambitious project to protect many individual parcels of land totaling more than 2,500 acres in the northern Sebago Lake region -- including Baldpate Mountain and Holt Pond. When completed, the project will ensure the health and vitality of the region for wildlife habitat, sustainable forestry, farming, recreation and education. The project has been supported by substantial local fundraising, Land for Maine's Future Program and a grant from the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership's Important Habitat Protection Fund.


Robinson Woods, Cape Elizabeth

Picture of Robinson Woods.
Robinson Woods. Credit: USFWS

Cape Elizabeth Land Trust acquired 80-acre Robinson Woods and an adjacent 3-acre shorefront property in 2003. Historically, the rocky terrain at Robinson Woods prevented farming, allowing a mature pine-oak forest to thrive and shelter vernal pools, support trees over 300 years old, provide intact habitat for birds and small mammals, and offer several miles of hiking trails. The Land Trust maintains the trails, protects natural resource values, and ensures public access for walking, cross-country skiing, birding, and other outdoor recreation and education. The acquisition was funded with a generous bargain sale donation by the landowner, local support from the Town and residents, a Land for Maine Future's Program grant, and a grant from the Casco Bay Estuary Parnership's Important Habitat Protection Fund.






Florida Lakes, Freeport

Picture of a birder looking through binoculars.
Birder looking through binoculars. Credit: USFWS

The Town of Freeport acquired this 167-acre parcel which includes the town's largest body of freshwater, a brook, wetlands and upland forest. Florida Lakes is a regionally significant breeding and migratory stopover location for waterbirds and neotropical migrants. Like many other areas in Maine where residential development is overtaking natural landscapes and eliminating public access, Florida Lakes' alternative future would have likely been a subdivision. Thanks to the commitment of the Town of Freeport and funding support from generous landowners, Land for Maine's Future Program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Small North American Wetlands Conservation Grant and the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Important Habitat Protection Fund, Florida Lakes has been permanently protected and will be managed by the Town Conservation Commission for its natural resource values and for hiking, birdwatching, hunting and fishing.


Last updated: September 5, 2013

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