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Picture of Alex working on GIS at his computer.
Alex working on GIS. Credit: USFWS

Gulf of Maine Coastal Program is one of 21 Coastal Program offices in the United States, established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to build partnerships to identify, protect and restore nationally significant habitat for fish, wildlife and people. We direct our attention to conservation projects in the coastal watersheds of Maine that provide habitat for migratory birds (especially waterbirds), searun fish and federally threatened and endangered species.

We work closely with other federal and state agencies, non-government conservation groups, willing landowners and other local partners to identify and assess, protect and restore:

  • Picture of Sandra holding a clipboard  in the field.
    Sandra in the field. Credit: USFWS
    seabird, wading bird and eagle nesting islands,
  • coastal wetlands and upland buffer, with
    an emphasis on high value waterbird habitat,
  • estuaries, rivers and riparian corridors that support
    all of Maines native diadromous (searun) fish,
  • rivers and riparian corridors that support Atlantic salmon
    in federally listed rivers and the Penobscot River,
  • lands and waters that support other coastal federally
    endangered and threatened species, such as: shortnose
    sturgeon, bald eagle, roseate tern and piping plover,
  • large blocks of contiguous and intact habitat, and
  • lands that support the purposes of
    Maine's coastal national wildlife refuges.

Using a voluntary, collaborative approach, and by working with others who have similar goals, we seek opportunities to protect and restore high value habitat. We are committed to working in respectful partnerships, with flexibility, creativity, and a "we-can-do-it-together" outlook.

You can find out more information about GOMCP by exploring this website, or you can also download our program overview (PDF 1.11 MB).

Last updated: September 5, 2013

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