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Trash Relief Provided on 20-Mile Stretch of Missouri River
Midwest Region, May 3, 2003
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More than 100 local volunteers recently joined Missouri River Relief for a trash clean-up of a mid-Missouri stretch of the Missouri River. "This stretch of river was cleaned in the past two years, but it was due for a little trash maintenance," said event coordinator Tim Nigh. As in previous mid-Missouri events, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Columbia Fisheries Resource Office provided two boats, life jackets and staff to ferry the volunteers up and down the 20-mile stretch of river. The event provides a unique opportunity for Service staff to talk one-on-one with the public about the river, while on the river. The event was based at Cooper's Landing in Boone County. Volunteers cleaned up the river banks and the KATY Trail between the communities of Huntsdale and Hartsburg. Following a day of caring for the river, music and dancing added to the ambiance of the magnificent river setting.

The Haul: 4 tons of nonrecyclable waste 4 tons of appliances and scrap metal 4 pick-up truck loads of plastic 2 truckloads of aluminum 2 truckloads of trash 74 tires * a gas furnace manifold 3 propane tanks 1 30-foot length of steel cable 2 washing machines 3 sinks 2 television sets 1 refrigerator door and, 1 message in a plastic bottle

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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