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Virginia Fisheries and Conservation Office Speaks to Virginia Tribes
Northeast Region, October 30, 2019
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Ecotourism Presentation Title Slide
Ecotourism Presentation Title Slide - Photo Credit: Albert Spells
Meeting with Virginia Tribes Agenda
Meeting with Virginia Tribes Agenda - Photo Credit: Albert Spells, USFWS

Albert Spells, Virginia Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, was an invited guest speaker at a meeting with recently recognized Tribes in Virginia. The meeting was sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Energy and Economic Development. Spells spoke about the concept of ecotourism to the Tribes with an emphasis on low impact, conservation minded opportunities, e.g. canoe tours, watchable wildlife, and birding tours, that may exist at each Tribal location. He gave one example where he had planted a 1-acre plot with pollinator seed and how the public admired the plot, several visiting for photography opportunity, and how the plot provided habitat for pollinators and Monarch Butterflies. A one-on-one session was held with each Tribe represented at the meeting and Spells agreed to provide each Tribe with wildflower seeds so they could plant their on pollinator plots in 2020.


Tribes represented at the meeting were the Chickahominy People, Monacan Nation, Pamunkey Indian Tribe, Rappahannock Tribe and Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe.

Contact Info: albert spells, 804.829.5627, albert_spells@fws.gov
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