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Migratory Birds and refuge staff contribute to first Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas project
Midwest Region, March 6, 2014
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Staff from both Migratory Birds and Refuges programs contributed hundreds of hours of field work to the recently completed Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas project. This was the first effort to document the geographic range, abundance, and diversity of all Minnesota Breeding Birds throughout the state.

Participants focused on the 2,352 priority blocks, but also sampled many nonpriority blocks that contained unusual habitats, known bird colonies, or unusually high species diversity. Priority status blocks were the northeast 9-square miles of each township while the other three blocks in a township were considered nonpriority.

Data were collected from 6,648 of the total of 9,774 blocks in the state. Observers confirmed breeding for 232 of the 250 species found during the atlas which ran from 2009 through 2013. Data will be used to map distribution of all breeding birds, to identify "hot spots" of high breeding diversity, and fto concentrate conservation efforts towards focal areas.

Contact Info: Bob Russell, 612-713-5437, Robert_Russell@fws.gov
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