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Poweshiek skipperling listing public meeting in Wisconsin
Midwest Region, November 14, 2013
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Puchyan Prairie in Wisconsin
Puchyan Prairie in Wisconsin - Photo Credit: USFWS

On November 14, Twin Cities Field Office Biologists Tamara Smith and Andrew Horton held a public meeting in Berlin, Wisconsin, for the proposed listing of Dakota skipper and Poweshiek skipperling. This wrapped up a two-week effort of public meetings and private landowner meetings in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan where Tamara Smith and Phil Delphey were the main presenters.


The Wisconsin public meeting was lightly attended, likely due to a small amount of proposed critical habitat (two units mostly under state ownership and approximately eight affected landowners). The attendees were in support of the proposed listing and they were happy we were on hand to answer additional questions.

The following morning we had the opportunity to visit Puchyan Prairie (one of the proposed critical habitat units) to quickly assess the habitat quality and verify ownership boundaries.

Contact Info: Andrew Horton, 612-725-3548 (ext. 2208), andrew_horton@fws.gov
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