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White-Nose Syndrome: planning and preparation continue in the Midwest
Midwest Region, June 28, 2013
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Efforts of many partners across the Midwest continue to strengthen as the fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans (formerly Geomyces destructans), settles into six of the eight Midwest Region states. As the Midwest Region White-Nose Syndrome Coordinator, I have focused on building and strengthening relationships across the eight state programs. These partnerships will be crucial in advancing our knowledge in the field of bat conversation so that all federal, state, and non-governmental organizations understand their importance. Recognizing there may not be resources for a “Bat Ecologist/Biologist” in each and every resource agency, all eight Midwestern states have a designated biologist to address the topic of white-nose syndrome. More importantly, this designation has led to all eight states actively engaging in the National White-nose Syndrome Grants to States Program. Commitment from partners has brought $ 514,061 in funding that will help conduct surveillance and monitoring of caves and mines where bats hibernate, prepare state response plans and other related projects, and facilitate or establish summer acoustic monitoring routes. It is hoped that these securements will foster greater collaboration and contributions from the many partners well into the future.


WNS Grants to States Final Awards
State FY 2012 FY 2013
Illinois $27,580 $29,449
Indiana $23,600 $9,230
Iowa $25,500 $25,782
Michigan $49,500 $47,500
Minnesota $38,900 $20,970
Missouri $20,000 $9,500
Ohio $46,050 $43,000
Wisconsin $50,000 $47,500

Contact Info: Richard Geboy, 812-334-4261 Ext 1210, richard_geboy@fws.gov
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