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Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery Receives Certificate of Appreciation from Boy Scouts
Southwest Region, August 15, 2013
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Boy Scout group at the hatchery for medal class.
Boy Scout group at the hatchery for medal class. - Photo Credit: Mary Davis/USFWS
Boy Scout group helping with hand feeding catfish.
Boy Scout group helping with hand feeding catfish. - Photo Credit: Mary Davis/USFWS

Each summer the Slippery Falls Scout Ranch near Tishomingo, OK, holds six one week summer camp sessions. The scouts that attend the camp come from Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Missouri. The scouts have been touring the facility as part of their camp visit for about ten years. Attending a tour at the hatchery allows the young men to earn badges in Citizenship in the Nation, Federal Facilities, and Fish Anatomy.


While touring the hatchery, Boy Scouts engage in question and answer sessions about paddlefish, alligator gar, and alligator snapping turtle culture and life history. They are shown these species in various life stages, ranging from eggs, to fry, to adult. Discussions on the habitat, problematic issues with each species, and the overall mission of the Service are presented to these enthusiastic visitors in an effort to encourage good environmental stewardship.

When the tours first became part of the camp experience the number of scouts that attended the tour per session was about ten. Within a few years the attendees grew to about 25 scouts per session. This summer most of the groups exceeded 40 scouts. At the end of the summer the Scouts presented the hatchery with a framed Certificate of Appreciation for the outreach efforts and time spent helping the scouts reach their goals.

Submitted by Mary Davis and Jessie Jobs.

Contact Info: Jessie Jobs, 505-248-6970, jessie_jobs@fws.gov
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