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Great Lakes Tag and Recovery Lab begin 2013 Lake Trout Tagging
Midwest Region, August 6, 2013
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2013 lake trout tagging schedule.
2013 lake trout tagging schedule. - Photo Credit: Allen Lane, USFWS

The tagging of lake trout destined for the Great Lakes by the Great Lakes Fish Tag and Recovery Lab began July 8th at the Marquette State hatchery and will continue until mid-October at four federal hatcheries in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. About 5 million lake trout will be tagged and clipped by computer-operated automated tagging trailers that can process over 7,000 fish per hour. The automated tagging trailer places a code-wire tag in the snout of millions of lake trout and clips the adipose fin each year. These tiny tags have a code number that identifies a particular group of fish that represent a stocking location, a particular strain, or a specific hatchery. Data from tagged fish recovered from assessment and creel surveys are analyzed so that biologists can get a measure of the effectiveness of the stocking and restoration programs. The 2013 tagging season started in mid-march and 2.5 million Chinook salmon were tagged at seven state hatcheries in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Contact Info: Allen Lane, 920 655 7398, allen_lane@fws.gov
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