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Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge Announces 2013 Michigan Junior Duck Stamp Winners
Midwest Region, May 7, 2013
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Best of Show 2013
American Wigeon 

Hannah Hu, 10
Best of Show 2013 Michigan American Wigeon Hannah Hu, 10 - Photo Credit: Hannah Hu, 10 of Ann Arbor
Xue Yun Han Group 2 1st  Place
Xue Yun Han Group 2 1st Place - Photo Credit: Group 2, 1st Place Xue Yun Han, 10 Ann Arbor

Saginaw, MI – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced the Michigan winners of the 2013 State Junior Duck Stamp Contest. A total of 349 entries were received. The Best of Show artwork was drawn by Hannah Hu, age 10 of Ann Arbor. Although it did not place, her colored pencil drawing of a male American Wigeon, advanced to the 2013 Federal Junior Duck Stamp held April 19, 2013.


The Junior Duck Stamp Contest fits within the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program, a dynamic arts and science curriculum that teaches wetlands and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. This free curriculum was specially designed meeting national educational standards.

Contest judges included Phil Karwat, Director of Public Services for the City of Saginaw; Barb Avers, Wetlands and Waterfowl Specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources; Mike Kelly from The Conservation Fund; Dane Cramer, Regional Biologist representing Ducks Unlimited; and Danielle Bowns from St. Peter & Paul SISD Saginaw County Head Start. Judging took place on March 27 at the Green Point Environmental Learning Center in Saginaw.

The following is a list of all winners for the Michigan Junior Duck Stamp Contest.

Group I (Grades K-3) Winners:

First Place –

  • Junie Guo, age 7, Ann Arbor
  • Ally Wang, age 8, Canton
  • Jennifer Dong, age 8, Novi

Second Place –

  • Leigha Kim, age 9, Ann Arbor
  • Virginia He, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Emily Ma, age 9, Canton

Third Place –

  • Grace Liu, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Tiffany Li, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Grace Liu, age 7, Canton

Honorable Mention –

  • Linda Yang, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Felicia Wang, age 6, Novi
  • Amanda Xu, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Yingchen Jin, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Yanran Ye, age 8, Detroit
  • Jade Xu, age 9, Ypsilanti
  • Casey Jiang, age 9, Ann Arbor
  • Hannah Deng, age 7, Ann Arbor
  • Karen Wu, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Cindy Huang, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Jennie Wei, age 7, Northville
  • Judy Zhu, age 8, Canton
  • Rumei Zha, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Matthew Jia, age 8, Ann Arbor
  • Annabelle Ye, age 7, Ann Arbor
  • Aaron Li, age 8, Canton

Group II (Grades 4-6) Winners:

First Place –

  • Christina Lin, age 11, Northville
  • Xue Yun Han, age 10, Ann Arbor
  • Hannah Hu, age 10, Ann Arbor

Second Place –

  • Augusta Guo, age 11, Ann Arbor
  • Floria Tsui, age 11, Ann Arbor
  • Erin Shi, age 12, Novi

Third Place –

  • Alicia Qin, age 9, Canton
  • Tiffany Chen, age 9, Ann Arbor
  • Hannah Luo, age 11, Canton

Honorable Mention –

  • Sophie Zhuang, age 11, Northville
  • Susanna Wu, age 11, Novi
  • Yuanqi (Angela) Deng, age 11, Ann Arbor
  • Susan Xi, age 9, Ann Arbor
  • Christina Cai, age 11, Northville
  • Angela Chao, age 10, Troy
  • Shelly Zhang, age 10, Ann Arbor
  • Grace Dai, age 9, Canton
  • Heidi Huang, age 11, Northville
  • Joanna Sheng, age 11, Ypsilanti
  • Abby Deng. Age 12. Northville
  • Emily Briggs, age 11, Ada
  • Janet Jia, age 11, Ann Arbor
  • Rebecca Li, age 11, Canton
  • Anne Ye, age 12, Ann Arbor
  • Meghan Guo, age 11, Bloomfield Hills
  • Group III (Grades 7-9) Winners:

First Place –

  • Kristen Yuan, age 13, Ann Arbor
  • Irene Qi, age 15, Canton
  • Hannah Xu, age 14, Northville
  • Second Place – Lena Zheng, age 12, Novi
  • Amy Luo, age 14, Canton
  • Huinan Zheng, age 15, Ann Arbor

Third Place –

  • Deana Zhu, age 15, Ann Arbor
  • Alice Ying, age 13, Novi
  • Johnny Yang, age 14, Novi

Honorable Mention –

  • Jenny Bai, age 13, Ann Arbor
  • Nicole Xu, age 14, Ann Arbor
  • Richard Ling, age 12, Canton
  • Sarah Wang, age 13, Novi
  • Heather Sun, age 12, Northville
  • Katie Xie, age 13, Novi
  • David Wang, age 15, Canton
  • Konnie Lin, age 12, Novi
  • Freyjia Hofler, age 14, Canton
  • Derek Li, age 14, Ann Arbor
  • Emily Jiang, age 14, Ann Arbor
  • Linda Wei, age 12, Novi
  • Monna Dong, age 14, Ann Arbor
  • Tianning Bai, age 14, Ann Arbor
  • Grace Ma, age 12, Canton
  • Jeffrey Wan, age 15, Novi

Group IV (Grades 10-12) Winners:

First Place –

  • Wenxuan Cheng, age 16, Ann Arbor
  • Karen Guan, age 15, Ann Arbor
  • Lindsey Winslow, age 17, Imlay City

Second Place –

  • Teresa Zhu, age 17, Canton
  • Ellen Zhang, age 15, Troy
  • Gefang Zhang, age 17, Ann Arbor

Third Place –

  • Katharine Wang, age 16, Saline
  • Jiabui (Kathy) Ren, age 17, Novi
  • Madeline May Kroll, age 17, Howell

Honorable Mention –

  • Alexandra Greenfelder, age 18, Chesaning
  • Taylor Zheng, age 16, Northville
  • Malak Elshafei, age 16, Ann Arbor
  • Gina Brooks, age 18, Imlay City
  • Betty Hu, age 16, Ann Arbor
  • Mariyah Evans, age 17, Imlay City
  • Cynthia Ding, age 17, Canton
  • Louisa Zheng, age16, Novi
  • Crane McLendar, age 17, Attica
  • Matt Nagy, age 17, Imlay City
  • Franky Hang, age 18, Canton
  • Mengting Shi, age 15, Canton
  • Ruiting Zuo, age16, Novi

“The benefits of exposure to nature are exponential, especially in children. The Junior Duck Stamp contest connect children to nature through both art and science, and I hope this program continues to expand into more schools and homes across the Midwest and country,” said Midwest Regional Director Tom Melius.

Artwork entries were judged on the basis of original design, anatomical accuracy, artistic composition and suitability for reproduction on a 1” by 1.5” stamp.

The first place art from the national contest is used to create a National Junior Duck Stamp each year. The Junior Duck Stamp is available for $5 from the U.S. Postal Service and from many National Wildlife Refuges. Proceeds from the sale of the stamps support conservation education and provide awards and scholarships for participating students, teachers and schools.

For more information about the 2013 Junior Duck Stamp Contest or the JDS Curriculum contact the Michigan State Coordinator, Lionel D. Grant via email: lionel_grant@fws.gov or by phone: (989)-759-1669.

For more information on contest rules and regulations for teachers and supervising adults found visit http://www.fws.gov/juniorduck.

Also visit Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge’s website “For Educators” tab to find the “Michigan Junior Duck Stamp Program” page. There you will find 2013 and previous years entries in the next coming weeks (and some posts on Facebook).

K-12 students attending public, private, or home schools in the United States and the U.S. Territories are eligible to enter, as long as they are U.S. Citizens, resident aliens, or nationals.

Contact Info: Lionel Grant, 989-759-1669, lionel_grant@fws.gov
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