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Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Hosts Successful Learn to Hunt Waterfowl Program
Midwest Region, November 8, 2012
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Horicon National Wildlife Refuge hosted a very successful Learn to Hunt Waterfowl Program by partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association.  They had 38 hunters participate, which included five novice adults. The remainder of the hunters were youth, between the ages of 10 and 17.

Two classroom sessions were held and then each hunter was paired with an experienced non-hunting mentor for an opportunity to hunt on the Horicon Marsh. All hunting for youth between 12 and 17 took place on the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. Until refuge staff submit a change to the Federal Register, the five adult hunters and three youth who were younger than 12 years old hunted on the Horicon State Wildlife Area. The bulk of the hunters were successful, with 24 hunters shooting a total of 52 ducks, including 12 mallards (7 drake/5 hen); 11 blue-winged teal (10 drake/1 hen); 6 shovelers (4 drake/2 hen); 6 green-winged teal (4 drake/2 hen); 5 wood ducks (3 drake/2 hens); 4 wigeon (2 drake/2 hen); 3 ruddy ducks (1 drake/2 hen); 2 gadwall (hens); 2 northern pintail (1 drake/1hen) and 1 coot. Five ducks were shot but not retrievable. All the participants have expressed much appreciation for the program.

Contact Info: Diane Kitchen, 920/387-2658 x12, diane_kitchen@fws.gov
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