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KOYUKUK/NOWITNA: Refuge Science Camp Goes Year-Round in Galena.
Alaska Region, October 25, 2012
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Students sketch leaves in their copies of The Nature Connection.
Students sketch leaves in their copies of The Nature Connection. - Photo Credit: KL Bodony

Each summer in Galena, Alaska staff from Koyukuk/Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge Complex team up with Galena City Schools and Louden Tribal Council to provide week long Science Camps for students in pre-school through 6th grade. This year Galena Science Camp took a new turn that allows the program to continue throughout the school year. Our summer theme and activities were drawn from Clare Walker Leslie’s book The Nature Connection, which provides numerous guided activities to encourage young people to explore their natural environment and notice changes throughout the year. During the week-long day camps (which were held July 9-13 and 16-20, 2012) students explored gardens and wild spaces, studied plants and insects, learned about taking field notes and making sketches, tried orienteering, and heard stories of great naturalists from the past. In August, when school began, the adventure continued as each student in the Galena Elementary School received their own copy of The Nature Connection to use as a classroom textbook. Staff from Koyukuk/Nowitna NWR work with the students at least once a month to lead field explorations and other activities related to monthly activities provided in the book. By the end of the school year students will have completed eleven months of nature observation. And in celebration of completing a full year of connecting with nature, Clare Walker Leslie herself has offered to join our 2013 Galena Science Camp. Our hope for these youngsters is that their experience of exploring and celebrating nature thorough the year continues throughout their lives.

Contact Info: Karin Bodony Karin Bodony, (907) 656-1231, karin_bodony@fws.gov
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